Thousands of international students come to UK for their higher education. UK universities are well recognized in the world and also provide high quality education and inviting environment for international students. Because universities in UK have to meet high level of academic criteria and therefore these motivate international students to excel in their education.

Easy Admissions but High Fees

Having said that UK education is great, we can not ignore a very high fees for international students. Many of the UK universities depend on the international students as a source of funding. Therefore many students find it very easy to get admission in many UK universities at the same time. This is because they really want high fee paying international students.

Full and Partial Scholarships

Many UK universities also offer full scholarships and financial aid for international students. Top universities in England, Scotland and Wales offer subject specific scholarships and bursaries before start of the academic year. However they might not be full scholarships. Many scholarships for international students may only cover only part of college fees and rest of the cost, including living, may have to be covered by students.

One important factor about UK college admissions is that universities also have a quota of full scholarships to attract highly talented international students. Full scholarships pay 100% tuition fees and also pay stipend to cover the living cost.  Many scholarships also cover books, travel grants and other charges beyond the prescribed portion of standard tuition fees. It is very important to make inquiries to Universities, Departments and external organizations, and apply for funding as soon as possible.

Top Fully Paid Scholarships in UK

Not all International students are actually aware of the fully paid scholarships and bursaries available in UK. Students generally rely on universities to provide funding for their courses. However many non-profit, government and charity organizations also provide scholarships which cover all expenses, including living, while you study in UK. Scholarships like Commonwealth scholarships may also cover your travel, relocation costs and thesis writing expanses.

Here I am listing some of the best scholarships available in UK for international students. I strongly recommend all international students should apply for these scholarships in 2014. If you have any question then please do not hesitate to ask.

Commonwealth Scholarships

Various Commonwealth scholarships are available for studying Masters and PhD degree courses for citizens of Commonwealth countries. Scholarship scheme is funded and managed by by the UK Department for International Development (DFID). Universities may have different number of allotted Commonwealth scholarships and they may be subject specific.

Commonwealth Scholarships covers the travel cost of return home and UK, and pays full tuition fee of your program and a living stipend per month. Additionally grants towards study travel, thesis binding and 10 Kg of excess baggage books are also available for returning students at the end of their education.

Following Scholarships and Fellowships are available for students from developing commonwealth countries.

British Chevening Scholarships

Chevening Scholarship is one of the most popular program for international students to study in UK. This is funded by UK Government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner institutions. Total 116 countries are included in this scholarship program [Not including USA and EU countries]. Each year total number of available scholarships varies in each country but this is one of main scholarships to be applied by international students.

Scholarship may cover full or partial tuition fees and living expenses at the postgraduate degree level program. Most of the scholarships are available for the Master’s degree programs in prestigious UK institutions.

One of the most important thing for students to remember is application deadline. Students must keep an eye on its application deadline in their country a year in advance. Students must keep checking Chevening scholarships website.  Because there are not many scholarships available for international students in UK and missing this deadline would not be less than a SIN.

One of the most important quality this scholarship looks for is leadership qualities. You must demonstrate leadership potential in your application and CV.

Scholarship is generally looking for highly talented students from around the world who have show qualities of potential future leaders across a wide range of fields; including politics, business, the media, civil society, religion, and academia.

Chevening Scholarships Information

British Council Scholarships

Many of the scholarships are also offered via British Council in various countries with the support of many organizations. Scholarships are offered at the postgraduate education level at the UK universities and institutions. However not all will be fully paid scholarships. Some of them will only be available as partial tuition fees scholarships. Partial scholarships may not look great but it will certainly help if you go to study on self funded. Then later you will also have opportunity apply for other scholarships to cover the cost. Many students go on partial scholarships but cover the rest of the cost by part time jobs.

British Council Website [You must check application deadline on your country specific British Council Website]

Rhodes Scholarships Oxford University

Oxford University, UK, offers a variety of scholarships to incoming international students each year. Rhodes scholarships can be awarded to study at the Oxford University. Total 83 scholarships are offered each year from 14 countries.

Rhodes scholarship is looking for outstanding young students from diverse background who show strong potential to be a future. This scholarship is available for various subjects but only for full-time postgraduate degree courses at the university.

University of Oxford
Rhodes Scholarships

Royal Society Fellowships

The Royal Society, UK, provides support to UK scientific community to promote collaboration between UK and international research scientists. To be successful in Royal Society Grant schemes candidates have to demonstrate academic merit and excellent scientific record.

Royal Society Website

UNESCO Fellowships for Women

UNESCO with L’Oréal offer scholarships for international women students to study in UK and Ireland. This funding opportunity is made avabilable by the L’Oréal UK & Ireland, the UK National Commission for UNESCO and the Irish National Commission for UNESCO, and Royal Society.

Primary objective of these fellowships to promote contribution of women in their research careers in UK and Ireland. These fellowships are only available at the postdoctoral level in the field of life and physical sciences.

UNESCO Fellowships for Women

World Bank Scholarships for Developing Countries

World Bank offers various scholarships and fellowships to assist high caliber international students from the world’s poorest countries. There are scholarships available for mid career professionals to study graduate and postgraduate courses which leads to masters and phd degrees in development related fields.

World Bank Scholarships

Cambridge International Scholarship Scheme (CISS)

World Council of Churches Scholarships